Nicolas GRATIOT , Equipe RIVER

Born July 6 1974, married, three children


Chargé de Recherche  (CR1, IRD, HDR)

LTHE, BP53, 38 041 GRENOBLE Cedex 9

Tél : 04 76 63 55 39 Fax : 04 76 82 52 86
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Associate editor Journal of Hydrology




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Recent Projects


2015-2017   : Saïgon River : la ville et le fleuve 

Mainly funded by the ; this project now include a social approach with the support of

2012-   : International RESCIF project study of the water issues in the region of HoChiMinh and of the Mekong .

2012-2016 : ANR project on the characterisation of agregates and flocs in highly concentrated rivers.              image013    

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Thesis Valentin Wendling click here!

No instrument can measure fine sediment settling fluxes during flood events. While this variable is of upmost

importance for numerical modelling we will develop and apply a System for the Characterisation of Agregates and

Flocs (SCAF) in various natural environments and in the laboratory.(suite)

2010 Coastal erosion in Guyana. In the Framework of the 9th European Development Fund (ppt) (report)

2007-2012 EU Project DESIRE (pdf) (Desertification, mitigation and land Restoration, 2007-2012)

Hydrodynamic of the reservoir of Cointzio (2007-2009)


Recent (and soon) Paper Conferences :


Jodeau, M., Antoine, G., Cormier, M., Monnoyer, Q. and Gratiot, N., 2016. Settling velocity of sediment from reservoirs, laboratory measurements and modeling. 12-15 July, 2016. RIVER FLOW.

Mercier, B., Wendling, V., Coulaud, C., Legout, C., Gratiot, N., 2016. Développement d’un Système de Caractérisation des Agrégats et des Flocs (SCAF). c2i-2016 : 7ème Colloque Interdisciplinaire en Instrumentation. 20 21 Janvier 2016, Saint Nazaire, France, 8pp