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Ve. 06 septembre 14h - Séminaire de Gulnara Shalpykova - Salle de réunion OSUG-B 1er étage

The Syr Darya water issue (Central Asia)

par Molinie - 21 août 2013

This seminar will expose the case study of the Syr Darya river basin covering the area of 462 000 sq. km in Central Asia, including 150 000 sq. km in mountains that provide storage for precipitation (in the form of snow and ice), and average annual run-off of 37.2 for downstream irrigated agriculture and upstream hydropower. The research examines the problem of cooperation, when geographically adjacent states, in the absence of a central authority and shared interests, decide if, how and why to cooperate with each other on topics related to freshwaters use, development or management. A notion of the problem of cooperation in the research refers to an array of issues and concerns that influence the willingness of states to cooperate or, in the words of Robert Keohane, “to adjust policies to meet the demands of others”. The research uses the Syr Darya case to analyse the utility of existing theoretical frameworks in explaining interstate relations on cross-border freshwaters. The research shows that these relations are better understood through the prism of realist theories rather than their liberal alternatives. This is so because relations between the Syr Darya riparian states do not fit the above mentioned neoliberal definition of cooperation. What has been often seen or presented as the Syr Darya ‘riparian cooperation’ is in fact a lingering and non-violent water conflict, dressed with persistent coercion, subtle manipulation, deepened mistrust and overall failure to manage the basin’s freshwaters.

Gulnara Shalpykova Research Scientist Institute of Water Problems and Hydropower (KNAS) Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

Ce séminaire a lieu dans le cadre du programme EU - FP7 ACQWA (LTHE et KNAS partenaires du Consortium)

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