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Phuong DAN

soutenance le 7 juillet 2014

par Philippe BELLEUDY - 16 février 2015

Modelling cohesive sediments and biogeochemistry dynamics in tropical reservoirs using the ELMO 3D water quality model

directeurs de thèse : Julien Némery - Nicolas Gratiot

Reservoirs built for water resources managements (drinkable water, hydroelectricity, irrigation) are strongly influenced by the humans’ activities occurring in their upstream watersheds. They are efficient traps for sediments and organic and nutritive pollution leading to their siltation and eutrophication. As a result the storage capacity and the water quality of such anthropic reservoirs are decreasing from their building to present time. As a result, the high turbidity renders the water potabilization processes difficult. Moreover the eutrophication and development of undesirable algae may even increase the water treatment cost. Therefore, the purpose of my study is understanding sediment and biogeochemical processes acting in tropical reservoirs and their consequences in terms of water quality. ELMO 3D model has been developed in Fortran 90 and fully validated in lacustrine ecosystems by Bonnet and Wessen (2001). The author will use ELMO 3D to reproduce water quality for a target year (2009), and to simulate scenarios of water management under meteorological and human induced changes.